Praise for ‘Invisibles’

“A refreshing point of view, written with precision and detail. . . The values he champions are those that could surely benefit our society (and economy).”
The Wall Street Journal

“An interesting and important book. It takes us a step closer to understanding how we can be happier and lead more meaningful lives. We can all benefit from the examples of Invisibles.”
The Buffalo News

“The Radical Power of David Zweig’s ‘Invisibles’ . . . precise and insightful.”

“A fascinating tour of the hidden landscapes on which human society actually operates. This will change the way you see the world and, hopefully, your place within it.”
Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock

“A Top Business Book to Read in 2014.”
[infopopup:adamgrant], Wharton professor and bestselling author of Give and Take

“The genius at the top doesn’t make their team look good. It’s a great team that makes the guy at the top look like a genius…and Invisibles proves it.”
[infopopup:simonsinek], bestselling author of Start With Why

“Invisibles is a one-book cultural revolution, fighting the current cultural tide toward narcissistic self-promotion with the truth that real satisfaction is often silent.”
[infopopup:jeantwenge], co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic

Named one of the “20 Best Books of June”

“One of the Best Books on Tech and Society in 2014”
Tech Republic

“Inspiring” #4 in the Top Ten Business Books of 2014
D&A Magazine

“The great workers who get no credit in a self-promotion obsessed world.”
The Washington Post

Invisibles “offers quiet and thoughtful space to consider the inner value of high-quality work.”

“You’ve Been Obsessing Over Your Likes and Retweets Way Too Much”

“Invisibles perform key tasks without seeking credit. And they’re in high demand.”
The New Republic

“Invisibles are engaged in the most radical act of our era: not talking about themselves. . . They have cracked the code for a satisfying life.”
The Los Angeles Times

“There are high-functioning invisibles in all factions of the economy, and they operate almost in defiance of the prevailing wisdom that self-promotion and self-regard bordering on narcissism are the way to get noticed.”

“The wisdom of this advice is undeniable.”
New York

“Zweig challenges the pervasive notion that the people who spend the most time getting others to pay attention to them win.”

“[A] fascinating new book”

“Could Invisibility Lead to Career Fulfillment?”

“Invisibles is an important and timely book. It is also great fun to read. Not only does Zweig do a wonderful job of illustrating his thesis that invisible work is both more rewarding and usually more productive than work that is done for external recognition, we also learn a great deal about the world’s that these Invisibles inhabit.”
Inside Higher Ed

“Are You An Invisible In A World of Visibles?”
Psychology Today

“The Self-Promotion Backlash”
The New York Times

“Why ‘Invisible’ People Can Be The Most Successful”
Business Insider

“The Perks of Being Invisible at Work”
The Wall Street Journal (Q&A)

“A fascinating new book.”

“Invisibles is this year’s smart business book”

“Those who toot their own horn, by nature get the most attention. But maybe those working hard at their jobs rather than working hard to raise their own profiles are the people who will get ahead.”
Fast Company

“Entertaining. The book’s strength is in Zweig’s portraits of those dedicated workers behind the scenes . . . The author’s genuine respect for his subjects shines through and keeps these stories lively.”
Publishers Weekly

“Zweig delivers an engaging read . . .This well-researched and accessible title will be of high interest to business, psychology, and sociology students.”
Library Journal

Named one of “11 Smart Business Books You Should Read This Summer”

“A fascinating new book”
Next Avenue

“An encouraging salute to the world behind the scenes, where the “Invisibles” allow the show to go on. Journalist Zweig suggests, with considerable merit, that, in our culture of wanting it all, we have forgotten the hard work of getting there [and] that invisible work has its own beauty and meaning. The author points to people who take pride in elevating anything to an art, who lose and find themselves in projects that make a significant impact on our lives, leaving us happy while delivering the pleasure and self-respect from doing the job properly. . . In Zweig’s fascinating world, the limelight doesn’t hold a candle to the satisfaction of hard work well done.”
Kirkus Reviews

Some International Press:

“Life as an invisible isn’t for everyone. But focus too much on the opposite, on making yourself seen, and you might wake one day to realise you’re all visibility – with nothing important to be visible for.”
The Guardian – UK

“The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion”
The Sydney Morning Herald – Australia

“Unsung heroes understand what it means to live a rich life”
The Courier Mail – Australia

“Being skeptical about the art of shameless self promotion”
The Age – Australia

“Les ‘invisibles’, ces salariés qui s’épanouissent dans l’ombre”
L’Express – France

“Enquête sur les nouveaux invisibles: lesépanouis”
Le Monde – France

“Gli Invisibili: nel nuovo libro edito da Egea, il dietro le quinte dei big”
FirstOnline – Italy

“Os Invisíveis”
Jornalde Negocios – Portugal

“10 profissões invisíveis, das quais quase não se fala”
Exame – Brazil

“La importancia de los ‘invisibles’”
El Comercio
– Peru

“당신의 회사가 잘나가는 건…`조용한 영웅`이 많기 때문 – Hello CEO – There Are Many Quiet Heroes”
Maeil Business Newspaper
– South Korea

“הבלתי נראים // המצליחנים שלעולם לא תשמעו עליהם”
Haaretz, The Marker
– Israel

“Los empleados invisibles que hacen perfecta a tu empresa”
CNN Expansion
– Mexico


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“Succeeding Quietly in Our Recognition-Obsessed Culture”
Harvard Business Review

“Chapter 5 is worth the price of the book alone. Let the messages of this book inspire you.”
People and Projects

“A path to professional success that doesn’t involve relentless self-promotion”
(Starts at 10:50)
The Gist – Slate

“Walk This Way”
99% Invisible

The episode is based on chapter 1 of the book, my profile of Jim Harding, a wayfinding expert.

“A fun and interesting read. As a rare compliment, there were pages in the book I wanted to photocopy to put on my screen when I’m trying to get work done.”
HearSay Culture – affiliated with Center for Internet and Society (CIS) at Stanford Law School



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